Sunbelt Conference Championship

Ok let’s try this for a second time seeing the first time I wrote about a page and tried to save it as a draft on my website but that didn’t go over so well. I should have written this right after we got back from Conference in Nashville but fell behind doing school work. I’ll make sure that my other swim meet updates won’t take nearly as long. Ideally, I want to finish my blogs within the week following of the swim meet.

Now back on track … wait as I do one last check to see if my draft saved and somehow I did. I am not sure why I didn’t catch it last time but ill add it to this newer post.

The one weekend we have all been spending up to 5 hours a day 6 days a week for approximately 26 weeks from the beginning of August. This 26-week time span people will breakdown and the strong will get back up fighting for what all they have to become a better swimmer. In the last few weeks when we start our “taper” we put all our focus on small details and speed. Every year goes by so fast but it appears that each year Conference arrives faster. During these four days, swimmers put all their focus and energy into 3 or more swims depending on if you were chosen for the relays. Emotions fly through the air when records get broken and people get beaten. For most people, this meet will be one of the most intense meets of their lives. These are the reasons why I love swimming and put so much effort into it every year.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010
I wake up early at 5 to leave by 7 and make sure that I all ready. Eric Williams gave me his keys the night before so I get his car so we didn’t have to walk to the pool. He told me that his car was parked IRT parking lot but forgot to mention where exactly. This was about as easy as trying to find a pin at the bottom of a 50m pool without goggles. So I am wandering around the parking lot clicking the panic button to search to listen for his car but no luck. I noticed a Cop in the distance but didn’t think anything of it until I turn around and see blue and red blinding my eyes. I had to explain that I was looking for “my car” and that I didn’t remember where it was. Finally found it and just in time to pick up the boys at the dorms.

We make it to Nashville Tennessee and see that there is a little bit of snow on the ground which was pretty cool. That afternoon we when to the Tracey Caulkins pool where we warmed up for the afternoon. The air temperature and the water temperature was perfect. The only thing that could have been better was the lighting but I brought some nice clear metallic goggles just in case this happened.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010
The main events for the day were 800 free relay and the 200 free relay. I lead off in the 800 free relay very excited.

22.87 47.89 (47.89)

1:13.55 (1:13.55) 1:40.08 (1:40.08)
1:40.08 -1.80 from Best Time

Thursday, February 18, 2010
The past 2 years at IRSC I swam the 500 free which my freshman year I won NJCAA 500 free with a 4:32, probably one of my best races of my life. Moving on, so I am swimming the 200 IM a little different event than years past but I know from the season that it’s going to be a blast. Behind the blocks during prelims I do my normal routines like stretching, fixing my goggles and when I began to tie my suit it ripped where the string comes out of the hole. For a split second, I started to panic but I just tided it tight like that hoping that when I jumped in my suit would stay on. Once I dove in and realized it was fine I refocused back on the race and managed to get the best time. In the finals, I took it out a little faster but didn’t bring it home as fast as in the morning but still dropped .02 off my previous best time.



10th 24.89 53.26 (28.37)
1:25.85 (32.59) 1:52.18 (26.33)
11th 24.73 52.64 (27.91)
1:25.42 (32.78) 1:52.16 (26.74)
Friday, February 19, 2010

400 IM was today and I was getting pumped up last night for it, Csaba Pek said that if he lost he would shave his head. In prelims, he got seated 1st and I got 7th so I was happy to be in my first conference finals ready to do some damage tonight. Even though I really wanted to see Csaba cut his hair, I wanted him even more to win but in finals he got 3rd and later that week he ended up cutting his hair which actually looks better than before. In finals for me, I moved up one place getting 6th but added 2 seconds from the morning.

7th 26.32 56.05 (29.73)
1:26.59 (30.54) 1:55.68 (29.09)
2:30.07 (34.39) 3:05.12 (35.05)
3:32.88 (27.76) 3:59.93 (27.05)
6th 25.23 54.35 (29.12)
1:24.55 (30.20) 1:53.42 (28.87)
2:28.38 (34.96) 3:04.95 (36.57)
3:33.59 (28.64) 4:02.08 (28.49)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The last day at conference and I was prepared for a good day. The night before I was not sure exactly want I wanted to swim either the 200 back or the 100 free so I call Frank Bradley for his expert advice. He said my back splits were promising and to take that into consideration. I went over my splits from the 200 and 400 IM and also noticed my times for back were decent so I choose the 200 back. In prelims, I ended up swimming next to Csaba and after a 150 still, at his waste I was thinking I am going pretty fast to be hanging with Csaba and ended up dropping around .50 off my best. Going into finals I was seated 10th and David Rudolf was 9th. I knew that if there was a chance to beat David I would need to come back on him in the 2nd half of the race. In finals, he took it out pretty fast and he did die the last 50 but not enough for me to catch him. I took another 1.5 off my morning swim making it my best race of the weekend so far. Another reason why I wanted to swim the 200 Back was because I had a chance to lead off the 400 Free relay and have a shot at a 100 Free time. From the summer before I knew I could sprint long course and I wanted to see how well short course would be. I still was so excited about the 200 back I am sure that help me prepare for the last race of the weekend. I ended up going my best time by at least 1.3 seconds topping off the great weekend.

10th 26.07 53.85 (27.78)
1:22.38 (28.53) 1:52.14 (29.76)
10th 26.26 53.95 (27.69)
1:22.38 (28.43) 1:50.66 (28.28)
100 Free 22.00 45.65 (45.65)
Link for Meet Results:

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