Florida Senior Champs

I have been meaning to add a new post on my taper meet this summer but I got bogged down in classes and wanted to enjoy the rest of my summer. I ended up having almost a two-week summer but it was long enough. I am glad to take classes in the summer so I can graduate on time.

The main taper meet for me this summer was Senior Champs in Sarasota Florida. I have always enjoyed swimming at the pool starting when they build it about 10 years ago. From Boca to Sarasota was about 4 hour drive but went relatively fast since Nicola was going to meet me there. I was also excited to see Trevor and Eric since they were swimming the meet as well. I almost forgot that I got to see my parents and my old CAT friends.

I got to meet the new head coach, Ryan, of IRSC during my last meet but at the time he was still only the assistant. So I ended up staying with the IRSC team during the meet since I know quite a few people already. Coach Ryan helped me with my strokes throughout the meet which was very nice and I believe he impacted me performance with just a few tips.

Friday Prelims
200 Free:
5 Corbin, Adam 21 1:56.43 SZ
55.47 1:00.96
400 IM:
4 Corbin, Adam 21 4:39.41

1:04.49 1:10.89 1:20.99 1:03.04

Friday Finals
200 Free:
3 Corbin, Adam 21 1:55.78 JR

26.77 29.34 29.95 29.72
400 IM:
3 Corbin, Adam 21 4:40.32

29.55 34.93 35.80 34.92

40.15 40.64 31.96 32.37

Friday cap- James Taddeo and I tied in the 200 free which is pretty funny since we swam together since we were about 7 on CAT back in the day. Overall not a bad day to start the meet, 1 sec off my best time in the 200 free and on my best time in the 400 IM in the morning.

Saturday Prelims

200 IM:

3 Corbin, Adam 21 2:13.05 SZ

1:01.47 1:11.58

100 Back:

4 Corbin, Adam 21 1:01.21 SZ

Saturday Finals

200 IM:

2 Corbin, Adam 21 2:08.78 JR

28.40 1:01.09 1:38.58 2:08.78

100 Back:

6 Corbin, Adam 21 1:00.98 SZ

29.63 1:00.98

Saturday Recap- I have become to like the 200 IM more every meet so I knew it was going to be a great race. Today this was a double back to back so for Finals I had 3 100 back heats right after my 200 IM. Even though I had about 400 cool down before racing again, I somehow pulled off a best time in both events. After my 100 back I was so out of it I said to Coach Ryan that I “started to smell colors”.

Sunday Prelims

100 Free:

4 Corbin, Adam 21 53.44 SZ
200 Back:

2 Corbin, Adam 21 2:10.43 SZ

1:03.60 2:10.43

Sunday Finals

100 Free:
4 Corbin, Adam 21 52.74 JR

25.22 27.52

200 Back:

2 Corbin, Adam 21 2:07.84 JR

30.40 32.37 32.88 32.19

Sunday Recap- It was a great way to end the meet with 100 free right-on my best and dropping 2 seconds in the 200 back. In the 200 back I got out touched by the crazy Nicholas Caldwell which I was surprised that I was even close to him.

Meet Recap- I had an amazing time seeing my parents, Nicola, Eric, Trevor, old Cat Friends, IRSC friends, and more. It feel like a reunion/vacation because I had so much fun racing and spending time with the friends. It’s sometimes hard to imagine that in less than a year my college swimming career will be over. I can just remember when I was about 7 going to my first away meet at Sarasota. I am looking forward to the upcoming college season and updating you shortly.

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