Red Vs. Blue meet

Our famous inter-squad meet was a few weeks ago. It was an excellent meet to start off the beginning of the year. This year I decided to swim 200 free, 200 back, and 200 IM. After looking at the teams that were posted the day before the meet, I saw that I was on the Blue team and it look like it was going to be a close meet on the Mens side.
The 200 IM had to have been one of the best races of the meet. Csaba Pek and I were back to back the whole race and I just out touch him by 0.1. In the end, the guys Blue team beat the red team.


200 Free: 1:43.6 Place: 1st
200 Back: 1:56.3 Place : 2nd
200 IM: 1:55.0 Place :1st

UF Invite

The first major meet of the season has come up fast. It was really nice of Coach Steve to let everyone on the team get to travel on this big trip. I think that was important to help everyone get motivated at the beginning of the year. We had a choice to pick between 4-6 events since it was a 3-day meet that was prelims and finals. I wanted to pick 6 events and treat the meet like a test to see how well I could hold up.

On our way up, the back of the bus had the normal hour to 2 of catch phrase with Chris Cruts taking candid pictures with my new camera. We first went to the pool to swim out the bus ride and then went across the street to eat the UF’s cafeteria. Like I do at every place that gives out free fruit, I took some apples and oranges for the rest of the meet.

We were told that for finals that top 3 of each team made it and there were 3 leftovers that could make it. The teams that were at the meet were Miami, FGCU, UF, FSU, Florida Southern, and Nova.

Today I swam the 500 Free and 200 IM. I made it back to finals and swim much better than the morning. That night Adam Epstine brought a tradition from his high school which was the “Hammer” award. This award represents someone who has put in a great effort and cheers on their teammates. I was the first to receive this award and was very excited to get it. I anchored the 400 medley to finish off the night. This award gets past to a new swimmer each day of a major meet. Tonight I ate at Chipotle with Eric Willams and Steven Carroll.


Today I swim the 400 IM and 100 Breast. I really wanted to swim the 100 Breast instead of the usual 200 free because I really wanted to break 1:00. The morning was a little rough in the 400 IM but the 100 Breast rocked with breaking a min for my first time (58.9). I made it back to finals in both events. In the afternoon the 400 IM was much better by dropping 5 seconds from the morning. I was so excited for the 100 breast since I dont swim it often. It ended up very good by dropping another 0.4 from the morning and having the fastest time on the team! I lead off the 800 free relay to get a 200 time since I didn’t swim it individually. I passed the hammer to Tyler Griffith. I went to Olive Garden with Chris Cruts and had the endless pasta bowl with a nice big salad.

Today I swim the 200 Back and 100 Free. Since these events were back to back, I knew that if I made it back to finals it was going to be a tough one. In the 200 back I went out with one of the UF swimmers and died hardcore in the last 50 but I still made it back to finals. In the morning, I had a good 30 min in between the 200 back and 100 free but I still felt a little fatigued in the 100 Free. I snuck in there for top 3 on our team for the 100 free so I get to swim it again for finals. At finals in the 200 back, it was an amazing race between Csaba and me in the 200 back with him beating me by 0.3. I had to run to the warm-down pool to get as much cool down as I could. I kept peeking over the bulkheads to see where they were at since I only had 2 womens heats of the 100 free and then I was up. I got about 200 warm down but my heat-rate was still pretty high from the 200 back. The 100 Free turned out to be almost the same time as the morning so I couldn’t complain. I finished off going 3rd in the 400 free relay and with some rest, I swam pretty well.

Overall the meet was a blast with some great swimming from the whole team.


500 free
Prelims: 4:42.72
Finals: 4:38.50
200 IM
Prelims: 1:58.50
Finals : 1:57.40
400 Medley relay doing free: 47.47
400 IM
Finals: 4:07.96
100 breast
Prelims: 58.97
Finals: 58.53
Lead off 800 free relay: 1:42.91
200 back
Prelims: 1:55.98
Finals : 1:53.23
100 free
Prelims: 47.94
Finals: 47.90
400 free relay going 3rd : 46.76

FSU and FIU Visit

FSU and FIU came down to swim us on October 8th for our first dual meet of the year. FSU is a solid swim team in the ACC’s so we expected them to swim their off events. With this in mind, Coach Steve wanted to swim a somewhat strong lineup. He put me in the 200 free, 200 back and 400 im. Before the meet, I got to speak to Jordan Horsley and Mateo De’Angelo, friends from IRSC.

Coach Steve put me in the B relay doing breast and I beat Alan Forbes by 0.1 who was on the A relay doing breast. For my first individual event, Mateo and I swam the 200 free. Knowing that he was in it got me a little excited because I knew he was going to race well like always. We were a few lanes apart but I could still see him. On the last wall, I could see we were pretty even so I kicked as hard as I could and out-touched him by 0.03. In the 200 back Csaba, David and I had a rematch from the UF invite. I had a great race and was about 0.4 behind Csaba and about 1 sec ahead of David. Now to finish off the end of the meet with the 400 IM. From I swam at UF and the previous events, I was hoping to go around 4:10. I felt pretty strong through the race and after breaststroke being ahead of Csaba, I knew it was going to be a good time. I ended up going 4:02 which was 5 seconds faster than my Finals time at UF.

Coach Steve was pretty happy with the Mens side but not so thrilled with the Womens side. Fsu beat us 160 to 130 so it was a pretty close meet. Eszter Bucz got the “Hammer” award.

50 breast on relay: 26.45
200 free: 1:41.89 Place: 1st
200 back: 1:54.53 Place: 2nd
400 IM : 4:02:74 Place: 1st