Tri Meet Vs. Georiga Tech. and WKU

About three days before the meet I strained a tendon in my knee and was very worried about not being able to go to this meet. I am not sure but I think I did it while doing sprints at the end of weights. I made sure that after each practice I went to the training to get ice and do a little therapy to be fully prepared for the meet. Even though it was sore, my leg was still strong so the trainer cleared me to go.

The meet was on October 23 where the plan was to meet at the pool at 6 and the bus would take us to West Palm International Airport. After waiting 10 min for the bus coach Steve announced that we would need to drive ourselves to the airport. I wasn’t really worried because I brought my car to the pool so I took Erick Williams and we drove off into the dark. When we parked, Eric found a penny on the ground and hid it near my car as he wanted to see if would still be there when we get back. I was certain that he would forget but he was sure that he wouldn’t forget. Since the plan was a short ride, I only got a nice 15 minute nap but Mikolaj Czarnecki slept the whole time.

After we got off the plane, we split up the team into three busses and went on down the road towards Georgia Tech. We enough time to stop for some lunch so the coaches pulled off a random exit where there was McDonalds, Quiznos, and Smoothie King. I already had some PJ’s so I headed over to Smoothie King to get a small smoothie to fill me up.

We had arrived at the pool with just enough time to stretch and get in the pool to warm up. Since I strained my knee a few days earlier I have been taking it easy on the turns and by the end of warm up, my knee was feeling great. Before we left I told Steve our coach that I wouldn’t be able to do breaststroke since I couldn’t do a breaststroke kick. With this in mind, he took me out of the 200 IM and put me in the 100 free. Therefore, for my lineup today I will be swimming 200 free, 100 free, 500 free.

For the first event I saw I was matched up with someone from WKU that had already went under 1:40 in the 200 free so I tried to stay with him as long as I could. I ended up going 1:40.8 get 3rd which was my best in season time. The only real difference between our races was he took it out a little faster. The next race I had the 100 free with plenty of time in-between. I was first entered in the slower heat but then was bumped up to the faster heat in lane 1. For the first 75 it was decent but I turned so close to the wall that I almost hit my head. I ended going 48.0 but had a good laugh with Mikolaj because he was the only one that was watching that saw it happen. My last event was the 500 free and my plan was to just hold a steady pace the whole way. I ended up going 4:38 and winning it, which surprised me since I expected some people from WKU and Georgia Tech. to have some fast people. Overall it was a great meet and lots of fun.

O yeah once we got back to Florida, we flew into Ft. Lauderdale, so we had to take a bus back to West Palm to pick up our cars from that airport to drive back hom99lm, Eric Williams, Steve our coach, Alicia Stevens, Michael Shimasky and I looked around the parking garage for about 45 minutes looking for our cars. It was so early in the morning when we got there I had no idea where they were but we eventually found them. One last thing was once we got to the car Eric remember to get the penny he hid wondering if someone would take it but it was still there. What an amazing day!

200 Free (3rd)
r:+0.67 23.79 49.39(25.60) 1:15.29(25.87) 1:40.80(25.51)
100 Free (7th)
r:+0.64 22.84 48.16(25.29)
500 Free (1st)
r:+0.67 24.98 53.02 (28.04) 1:21.45 (28.43) 1:49.43 (27.98)

2:17.62 (28.19) 2:45.66 (28.04) 3:14.00 (28.34) 3:42.19 (28.19)

4:10.37 (28.18) 4:38.23 (27.86)

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