Dual Vs Aggies Nov

The dual meet Vs Texas A&M was a night meet that started around 5 PM which was pretty interesting since I have never had a night meet before. Since the meet started when the sun was going down I shot some pretty cool video for my end of the year video I am going to make. Another cool thing was my girlfriend Nicola Mackenzie came to watch my races. For the meet line up tonight I swam the 50 beast on the 200 medley relay, 200 free, 100 free, and the 200 IM. I have been swimming the 200 free a lot more often than last year, which is good since I might swim that at conference instead of the 400 IM. Surprisingly knowing that the Aggies are a decent team we were keeping up with them in points until it got to the breaststroke event. They topped off the breaststroke events 1-4 in both the 100 and 200. I did pretty well winning the 200 free by .15, getting 2nd in the 100 by .26 and winning the 200 IM by .5. The next week I was chosen the Sunbelt Conference swimmer of the week. It was not the first time someone from FAU has gotten it but I believe its been a while since it wasn’t a foreigner from our team. They sent a certificate with my name on it stating what week I received the award.
50 breast relay: (26.27)
200 Free: (1st) 24.07 50.22 (26.15) 1:16.43 (26.21) 1:41.79 (25.36)
100 Free: (2nd) 22.85 46.84 (23.99)
200 IM: (1st) 26.02 55.66 (29.64) 1:28.41 (32.75) 1:55.16 (26.75)

Alumni Meet Oct 30th

This is my second Alumni meet that I have ever been too since Indian River didn’t have that type of meet.  The main idea of the meet is to bring the Alumni back during Homecoming week to have a swim meet in the morning and then go to the football game later that day. It’s very interesting looking at the Alumni from previous years where some look the same and some who have gained a “little” weight and look a tad ghostly. To make the meet fair for…(Rest was lost)


Its always interesting to watch the Princeton head coach in action during the dual meets. I remember last year he wore a Hawaiian shirt but i think he wears the same one every year because he wore one again this year. Its been almost 2 months since the meet so I am trying to remember what I swam and what happened in the meet itself. It was a little chilly but with some warm clothes, you could stay comfortable. The only thing i remember for sure doing…(Rest was lost)

Indian River Visits Nov 6

Since Indian River was my old school that I went to, it made me very excited to swim them again. Last year was the first year that the men’s FAU team beat the men’s IRSC team in many years which made it pretty special to me. This meant that it would make it ever better to win again this year to make it two in a row. IRSC got a new head coach Ryan Mallam who was the assistant to Frank Bradley the year before. Frank is now an assistant at Auburn University after being at IRSC for about 4 years. Over the summer I swam at Boca while taking classes and I had a chance to go to a few meets where Ryan was there. I ended up sitting with Indian River so I met Ryan and he helped me out with my strokes since I didn’t have a coach with me at the time. I was very excited to see how the River would perform under a new head coach.
I remember that it was a pretty cold and windy day and the water heater broke the day before so the water was chilly. Earlier in the week we got to suggest events to Coach Steve and I believe I chose 200 free, 100 breast, and 100 free. On the guys side we own ever even but the 100 breast which somewhat surprised me but I know Ryan beats them up before dual meets. Over all it was a great meet for being so chilly and getting to see some old Indian River friends.
200 Free: (1st) 23.60 49.32 (25.72) 1:15.86 (26.54) 1:43.04 (27.18)
100 Free: (1st) 22.71 47.45 (24.74)
100 Breast: (2nd) 28.26 59.86 (31.60)