Georga Tech Invite Nov 19-21

The mid-season rest meet that we all have been waiting for has now come to test our progress so far in the season. From Boca to Atlanta takes about 10 hours straight but the plan was to leave on Wednesday and stay the night at Lake City, which is about 5 hours away from Boca. We had practice on Wednesday morning and then left later that day to head down the road. They told us before that we would stop for lunch but it would be a rest area with not many choices for food. So with that in mind I brought two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with a few other snacks to last the road trip. I sat with Eric Williams the on the bus the whole weekend and on the way up we listen to my iPod for a few hours since he didn’t have one. At the Lake City stop, I roomed with Trevor Lowe, which was nice again to room with my old roommate in the dorms from the previous year.
Thursday we woke up about 8 or 9 o’clock for the continental breakfast and then headed off to Atlanta. There was no rush since we had a warm-up later that evening around 5 pm and had nothing else to do that day. For the rest of the weekend I roomed with Trevor again and Kyle Geiger. I expected an interesting weekend since on the ride up, all I could see is both of them on their Nintendo Ds playing Pokémon. I planned to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for all my lunches for the weekend since they go well with my stomach on swim meets. On the first night in Atlanta I went with Chris Cruts to some Italian place where I got a Caesar salad, spaghetti and meat balls and he got mussels over pasta. It was so good I ended up going back to the same place for dinner every night but take out so I could eat at the hotel.
Friday morning I woke up extra early to eat a good breakfast down in the lobby so i could digest the food before the meet. Today I have the 200 IM and at night the 400 Medley relay. For my morning swim in the 200 IM my goggles filled up with a little water on the dive but it still was a decent morning swim with a 1:53. The afternoon was much better going 1:52.15 getting 14th overall. I swam the breastroke leg in the 400-medley relay going a 56.5, which is my best relay time, but on the last 25 it felt like I strained my groin but didn’t notice it again during warm down.
Saturday is my biggest day of the meet since I am signed up for the 400 IM and the 200 Free. In the Georgia Tec. Invite, you can swim 4 individual events during the meet which is different from conference because you can only swim 3 individuals there. The 400 IM was painful where I went 4:05 but got DQed from doing a butterfly kick before my arms broke apart on my pullout. The funny thing in my 400 IM was that I went out in a 25 and came back in a 30 in the 100 fly (OUCH!). It was pretty stupid but I didn’t really want to swim the 400 IM at night so I could focus on the 200 free. My morning 200 free was awesome since I broke 1:40 for my first time with a 1:39.8 making it back into the A finals.
At night I had the 50 breast in the 200 medley relay, 200 Free and the 200 free in the 800 free relay. During the 50 breast on the relay after about 2 strokes I felt my groin again so I had to back off. I still went a 26.2 but that’s still .4 slower than I went out in the 100 breast on the relay the night before. Good thing that was my last breaststroke for the weekend so I could rest it for a few days now since the other strokes didn’t bother it. I was so excited to swim in the A finals for the 200 free alongside Conor Dwyer, the NCAA champ in the 200 and 500 free last year. I went out pretty strong with a 47.6 but faded out in the last 50 touching 5th going 1:39.32 another best time. Now for only one more 200 left of the night in the relay, I went 2nd because Mikolaj Czarnecki wanted to get a 200 time from a flat start. Even after doing 2 200’s already, i still managed to go under 1:40 again with a 1:39.7 going second after Mikolaj. I was planning on eating dinner with Eric Williams at Blimpy Subs but they were closed so I ate at the same Italian place I went to the past two nights.
One last day of the meet, Sunday, we had to get up an hour earlier because the meet started earlier for people like us since we had a 10 hour drive ahead of us that night. I did my usual routine by waking up early to beat the crowd and let my food digest in time for the morning session. Today all I had left is the 100 free in the morning and the 100 free in the 400 free relay at night. My morning swim felt pretty good going a 46.1 making my best time season and thinking that I had more in me for the night. With the afternoon session starting 2 hours earlier, we had minimal time in-between but I still managed to sneak in a 45 min nap to help fuel the night session. I made the B finals at night for the 100 free but I ended up going a 46.5, which was a tad slower than the morning, but being near the end of the meet it wasn’t too bad. For my last race of the meet, I went 46.3 from a relay start in the 100 free which tops off another decent swim for the great weekend of races.
200 IM : (17) Corbin, Adam C SRFAU-FG 1:53.63 q
r:+0.71 25.13 28.57 32.54 27.39
200 IM : (14) Corbin, Adam C SRFAU-FG 1:52.15
r:+0.66 24.68 28.20 32.66 26.61
100 Breast relay: r:+0.18 25.88 56.54
400 IM: Corbin, Adam C SRFAU-FG DQ
r:+0.66 25.78 30.55 31.37 30.46
34.81 35.79 28.27 27.34
200 Free: (7) Corbin, Adam C SRFAU-FG 1:39.88 q
r:+0.62 23.26 25.17 25.49 25.96
50 Breast relay: r:+0.00 26.23
200 Free: (5) Corbin, Adam C SRFAU-FG 1:39.32
r:+0.64 22.84 24.84 25.47 26.17
200 Free on relay: r:+0.05 22.55 47.74 1:13.74 1:39.79
100 Free: 15 Corbin, Adam C SRFAU-FG 46.10 q
r:+0.62 21.85 24.25
100 Free: 18 Corbin, Adam C SRFAU-FG 46.52
r:+0.62 22.26 24.26
100 Free relay: r:+0.13 21.90 46.33

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