The Chilled Dual Vs.Clemson Dec 15

Clemson was training at our pool for the past week and planned on swimming with us at the invite on December 18 but the meet was scheduled too late for them to compete. This was alright because adding an extra team to that meet would only make it even longer than it should have been. Wednesday was the tail end of a cold front so it felt nice with cloths on but chilly with the wind when you were wet.
Today I didn’t have any relays but 3 events, the 200 free, 100 free, and the 100 breast. It started off with a struggle in the 200 free, but out-touched someone by .1 for first. The 100 free had to have been one of my worst 100 free’s in awhile by breaking 49. To finish off with the 100 breast at 1:01 in the middle of Christmas training to me is a decent time.
200 Free: (1) 24.51 51.20 (26.69) 1:17.38 (26.18) 1:43.81 (26.43)
100 Free: (6) 23.34 49.32 (25.98)
100 Breast: (4) 28.82 1:01.32 (32.50)

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