Cincinnati, Rice, Air Force, Denver Oh My! Dec 18th

The first of two FAU invites has finally come with a large group of talented swimmers. Its exciting that so many swim teams chose us to swim them during their winter trip. In the previous year we raced Cincinnati and Denver for sure but i don’t remember the others during that first invite. The swimmers from the Air Force look in great shape almost like body builders. During this meet, Dale the announcer wanted me to have someone film me during the meet to make a small documentary on me. I had to interview with him during one of the breaks and at the end of the meet to recap what happened. This was really nice of him but I didn’t get to film with my cameras because I was too busy with his.
The Air Force had an impressive cheer or a chant is what I would call it. They had one person at one end of the blocks with football like a helmet that had deer antlers attached. He was the lead person and at the other end of the rest of the men’s team repeated what he was doing. The chant look like something from a movie or an ancient prayer of some sort blessing the pool it seemed. Denver did a cheer with the main guy holding a banana and the cheer went something like this… “Banana’s of the world: UNITE
Peel banana, Peel peel banana… Shake banana, Shake shake banana… Go bananas!, Go Go bananas!” by the time they reached the “Go Bananas” the guy was eating the banana like a crazy man. It was very amusing to me since I had never seen it before and the lead guy did a nice job at doing the cheer.
Moving on to the meet, before the warm ups, the sky looked nice but the fact that some rain clouds were headed towards our way. The rain came during the end of the warm ups and continued through the first few events. The outside temperature was perfect to balance out the rain so it wasn’t too bad. My events for the meet today was the 50 breast in the relay, 200 free, 500 free, and the 200 IM. My goal for the breast was to go faster than 27 which I did with a 26.99. The 200 free was pretty good with Mikolaj getting first and I got second by .11. In the 500 free I just wanted to make sure no one from Denver beat me since they are our conference rivals. I ended up getting 2nd with 4:41 to someone from Cincinnati that went 4:39. For the main event in the 200 IM, Csaba Pek and I were racing Clayton Myers from Denver who is an excellent 400 IM. Clayton ended up beating us by a second but it was a great race to finish off the end of the meet.
Now 10 day break at Home!
50 Breast: 26.99
200 Free: (2nd) 25.69 54.53 (28.84 ) 1:23.72 (29.19 ) 1:52.86 (29.14)
2:21.97 (29.11) 2:50.14 (28.17) 3:18.26 (28.12) 3:46.28 (28.02)
4:14.09 (27.81) 4:41.77 (27.68)
500 Free: (2nd) 25.69 54.53 (28.84) 1:23.72 (29.19) 1:52.86 (29.14)
2:21.97 (29.11) 2:50.14 (28.17) 3:18.26 (28.12) 3:46.28 (28.02)
4:14.09 (27.81) 4:41.77 (27.68)
200 IM: (2nd) 26.43 56.60 (30.17) 1:29.81 (33.21) 1:56.37 (26.56)

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