My Last Dual Vs Florida

The UF dual meet is usually one of the more fun dual meets of the year because we go up on a Friday and have the meet on Saturday. On Thursday Eric Jackwin and I decided to wear gray shirts with blue jean pants since it was going to be cold when we got up to Gainesville. Well that didn’t end up being a great choice because to Coach Steve blue jean pants are not appropriate on a bus when we are traveling but the girls are allowed the wear spandex pants. It just didn’t make any sense to me but ooh well. Moving on to when were we loading the bus, I believe Coach Steve wanted to leave by 12:15 and Eric erikton( not sure if spelled right but its the freshman) had a quiz he didn’t want to miss in a class that ended at 12:30. The bad part was the teacher said the quiz was at the end of the class and he would not let Eric take the quiz earlier even with knowing about the situation that he was leaving for a swim meet. When 12:15 came around, Eric still hadn’t taken his quiz so we left without him. I am sure if we waited only 15 more min he could have made it but Coach Steve was so determined to make it there super early for no reason.
We arrived at the pool to get in a nice stretch out 2,000 where the guys and girls swim separately. I did my ritual ring bubbles in the deep end of the pool but I had some sinus thing going on so couldn’t do it for long.
After the quick loosen we headed to the hotel to get our rooms and then the bus would take us down the street to drop us off for dinner. I was rooming with Trevor Lowe and told him we were going to drop our stuff off in the room quickly so we could walk to dinner since that was the second option. So Trevor, Chris Cruts and I quickly walked to Olive Garden to grab a table. I was a race to see if we could make it to the restaurant before the bus could. About 100 yards away from the restaurant, we noticed a huge crowd and knew the only way was to try to get a seat at bar because its “first come first serve”. After about 3 min of scouting out for open seats, there were 3 girls paying for their dinner getting ready to leave. Trevor and I were standing around the table making sure no one would take it. Trevor got cheese ravioli and Chris and I got chicken alfredo. Were in and out in less than 30 min which is pretty funny because we saw some of our freshmen get there about 5 min after we got our table and they didn’t get a table until after we left.
The next morning we had a wakeup swim where the bus left at 8 and we came back around 10 to eat breakfast. I woke up early so I could have a big breakfast before we left and then a small second breakfast before we left to the meet. I got to see a few friends during the meet, Cameron Martin and Manny Rabelo, which was very nice.
The lineup for today’s meet for me was 50 breast on relay, 200 free, 100 free, 400 IM. I was swimming with my old friend Manny for the 50 breast but he kicked my butt. I felt my groin again during that sprint so I talked to Coach Steve and he said we’ll take it easy on the sprint breast the next few meets. I knew I had a good chance to win the 200 free after looking at the heat sheet and seeing that Conor Dwyer wasn’t swimming it. That pumped me up so I think I took it out a little strong but it was good to practice that since I’ll be doing that at conference. I was out about 1 second ahead of everyone at the 100 but faded in the last 75 getting out-touched for 3rd. After the race went to put up may cloths by my bag and when I was coming down I slipped on the bleachers and fell on my knee. My adrenaline was pumping so much I didn’t really feel it until after the meet but I was alright, just small bruise on my knee. The 100 free wasn’t as good as the 200 but not too bad for right now. I believe i got 7th with a 47.3, John Walsh got 6th and Tyler got 5th. Now for the 400 IM, I was just hoping to break 4:10 and have a strong back breast transition. After the back, I was so ready to just pull the trigger and go all out but the stroke before my first breast turn I choked on water hardcore. It ended up just killing me making my pull out very short and took the rest of the 25 to just recover from it. I ended up going a 4:10 which I was pleased with it being my last event.
It was an awesome last meet at the O’Connell Center and coudnt have been any more fun with this team. I can remember when I was 10 winning my only individual event at J.O.’s in the 50 breast.
50 Breast: (26.96)
200 Free: (3rd) 23.78 49.31 (25.53) 1:15.30 (25.99) 1:41.48 (26.18)
100 Free: (7th) 22.87 47.34 (24.47)
400 IM: (5th) 27.30 58.37 (31.07) 1:29.99 (31.62) 2:00.07 (30.08)
2:35.90 (35.83) 3:12.55 (36.65) 3:41.40 (28.85) 4:10.26 (28.86)

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