Tri Meet with Nova and FIU Jan 29th

The Tri meet was hosted by FIU and held at their north campus in Biscayne Bay. The bus trip was about an hour to the pool but so Coach Steve let us sleep-in an extra hour. Earlier in the week Coach Steve asked us if we wanted to swim any off event since Nova was a good team but didn’t have the depth since it was only their first year as a college team. My only one request was to swim the 50 free since I was getting tired of the 400 IM. So my line up for this meet was 50 free, 100 free, and 50 free in a relay. I call this super sprint since you can’t do anything less than that in 3 events.
This was FIU’s senior meet so there was a good crowd of people from their school. They also had free Mexican food for the spectators which I am sure they thoroughly enjoyed. Since my girlfriend, Nicola MacKenzie, lived close she came to watch me swim which was very nice of her. In my last away dual meet of my life I forget my cap, goggles and suit. It was pretty funny trying to find some backup equipment but Alan Forbes lent me his goggles, Ross Gunn lent me his suit and Coach Nikki got me a new swim cap.
Now moving on to the swim meet starting with my first race was the 50 free. It was right after the 200 free which was different to watch the 200 instead of swimming it this time. My main goal was to beat the sprinters in which I accomplished my goal by .05 and .06 and got first place with a 21.84. A few events later was my next event was the 100 free. It took it out way more relaxed than I should have because I came home strong but it made me especially excited to swim the 200 in the upcoming events. The next exciting event to watch was the 500 free because Eric Williams which is one of our best sprinters was in it. The joke was that he was going to beat Trevor Lowe since Trevor was a distance swimmer. He took it out like a champ for the first 100 where it then looked like he was settling in but he eventually died after the first 200. He went a best time with a 4:57 which was his first time under 5 min but still didn’t beat Trevor who went a 4:45. My last event was the 50 free again which I was lead off in the 200 free relay in the end. This is where the Rivalry between Mikolaj and I since he was talking trash about how he was going to beat me in the 50 since he was lead off for the A relay. I ended up out touching him by .1 by going the same exact time in the first 50 I swam today with a 21.84.
Overall it was an awesome last away dual meet that included much good laughter with friends and some fast swimming.
50 free: (1st) 21.84
100 free: (1st) 22.82 47.16 (24.34)
50 free relay lead off: (2nd) 21.84

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