Indian River Visits Nov 6

Since Indian River was my old school that I went to, it made me very excited to swim them again. Last year was the first year that the men’s FAU team beat the men’s IRSC team in many years which made it pretty special to me. This meant that it would make it ever better to win again this year to make it two in a row. IRSC got a new head coach Ryan Mallam who was the assistant to Frank Bradley the year before. Frank is now an assistant at Auburn University after being at IRSC for about 4 years. Over the summer I swam at Boca while taking classes and I had a chance to go to a few meets where Ryan was there. I ended up sitting with Indian River so I met Ryan and he helped me out with my strokes since I didn’t have a coach with me at the time. I was very excited to see how the River would perform under a new head coach.
I remember that it was a pretty cold and windy day and the water heater broke the day before so the water was chilly. Earlier in the week we got to suggest events to Coach Steve and I believe I chose 200 free, 100 breast, and 100 free. On the guys side we own ever even but the 100 breast which somewhat surprised me but I know Ryan beats them up before dual meets. Over all it was a great meet for being so chilly and getting to see some old Indian River friends.
200 Free: (1st) 23.60 49.32 (25.72) 1:15.86 (26.54) 1:43.04 (27.18)
100 Free: (1st) 22.71 47.45 (24.74)
100 Breast: (2nd) 28.26 59.86 (31.60)

Tri Meet Vs. Georiga Tech. and WKU

About three days before the meet I strained a tendon in my knee and was very worried about not being able to go to this meet. I am not sure but I think I did it while doing sprints at the end of weights. I made sure that after each practice I went to the training to get ice and do a little therapy to be fully prepared for the meet. Even though it was sore, my leg was still strong so the trainer cleared me to go.

The meet was on October 23 where the plan was to meet at the pool at 6 and the bus would take us to West Palm International Airport. After waiting 10 min for the bus coach Steve announced that we would need to drive ourselves to the airport. I wasn’t really worried because I brought my car to the pool so I took Erick Williams and we drove off into the dark. When we parked, Eric found a penny on the ground and hid it near my car as he wanted to see if would still be there when we get back. I was certain that he would forget but he was sure that he wouldn’t forget. Since the plan was a short ride, I only got a nice 15 minute nap but Mikolaj Czarnecki slept the whole time.

After we got off the plane, we split up the team into three busses and went on down the road towards Georgia Tech. We enough time to stop for some lunch so the coaches pulled off a random exit where there was McDonalds, Quiznos, and Smoothie King. I already had some PJ’s so I headed over to Smoothie King to get a small smoothie to fill me up.

We had arrived at the pool with just enough time to stretch and get in the pool to warm up. Since I strained my knee a few days earlier I have been taking it easy on the turns and by the end of warm up, my knee was feeling great. Before we left I told Steve our coach that I wouldn’t be able to do breaststroke since I couldn’t do a breaststroke kick. With this in mind, he took me out of the 200 IM and put me in the 100 free. Therefore, for my lineup today I will be swimming 200 free, 100 free, 500 free.

For the first event I saw I was matched up with someone from WKU that had already went under 1:40 in the 200 free so I tried to stay with him as long as I could. I ended up going 1:40.8 get 3rd which was my best in season time. The only real difference between our races was he took it out a little faster. The next race I had the 100 free with plenty of time in-between. I was first entered in the slower heat but then was bumped up to the faster heat in lane 1. For the first 75 it was decent but I turned so close to the wall that I almost hit my head. I ended going 48.0 but had a good laugh with Mikolaj because he was the only one that was watching that saw it happen. My last event was the 500 free and my plan was to just hold a steady pace the whole way. I ended up going 4:38 and winning it, which surprised me since I expected some people from WKU and Georgia Tech. to have some fast people. Overall it was a great meet and lots of fun.

O yeah once we got back to Florida, we flew into Ft. Lauderdale, so we had to take a bus back to West Palm to pick up our cars from that airport to drive back hom99lm, Eric Williams, Steve our coach, Alicia Stevens, Michael Shimasky and I looked around the parking garage for about 45 minutes looking for our cars. It was so early in the morning when we got there I had no idea where they were but we eventually found them. One last thing was once we got to the car Eric remember to get the penny he hid wondering if someone would take it but it was still there. What an amazing day!

200 Free (3rd)
r:+0.67 23.79 49.39(25.60) 1:15.29(25.87) 1:40.80(25.51)
100 Free (7th)
r:+0.64 22.84 48.16(25.29)
500 Free (1st)
r:+0.67 24.98 53.02 (28.04) 1:21.45 (28.43) 1:49.43 (27.98)

2:17.62 (28.19) 2:45.66 (28.04) 3:14.00 (28.34) 3:42.19 (28.19)

4:10.37 (28.18) 4:38.23 (27.86)

First Dual @ NSU

This will be the first dual meet against the NSU sharks in Davie Florida since this is their first year starting. I was very excited to see their pool since I have heard it was built recently. It was a quick 35-minute drive to the pool where Eric Williams and I listen to my iPod for the majority of it.

Today was relatively a short meet for me since I only had two relays and one individual event. My event order was 100 Breastroke on 400 medley relay, 200 IM, and 100 Free in the 400 Free relay.  In the 100 Breast on the relay, I went 56.89 which was defiantly the fastest I have ever gone in Breastroke. In the 200 IM I went 1:54.00 my best in-season time by a good second. Finishing off leading the 400 Free relay going 46.99, the first person to go under 47 in individual!

We ended up winning the meet but that was important since NSU has only been a team for a few months but they did perform well for our first dual meet together.  It was a nice change only swimming one individual event making it pretty laid back being able to watch more races than normal because I usually warm down so much after each of my events.

400 Medley Relay (1st)
1) Rudolf, David 23 2) Corbin, Adam C 21 3) Williams, Eric S 20 4) Griffith, Tyler J 21
25.67   53.09 (53.09)   1:19.27 (26.18)   1:49.98 (56.89)
2:12.82 (22.84)    2:40.53 (50.55)    3:02.66 (22.13)    3:27.34 (46.81)

200 IM (1st)
1 Corbin, Adam C 21 Florida Atlantic University-FG 1:54.00

25.79 54.60 (28.81) 1:27.42 (32.82) 1:54.00 (26.58)

400 Free Relay (1st)
Florida Atlantic University-FG A 3:07.83
1) Corbin, Adam C 21 2) Fermin, Anthony V 20 3) Walsh, John W 18 4) Williams, Eric S 20
46.99 (46.99)      1:34.54 (47.55)
2:21.29 (46.75)   3:07.83 (46.54)

Red Vs. Blue meet

Our famous inter-squad meet was a few weeks ago. It was an excellent meet to start off the beginning of the year. This year I decided to swim 200 free, 200 back, and 200 IM. After looking at the teams that were posted the day before the meet, I saw that I was on the Blue team and it look like it was going to be a close meet on the Mens side.
The 200 IM had to have been one of the best races of the meet. Csaba Pek and I were back to back the whole race and I just out touch him by 0.1. In the end, the guys Blue team beat the red team.


200 Free: 1:43.6 Place: 1st
200 Back: 1:56.3 Place : 2nd
200 IM: 1:55.0 Place :1st

UF Invite

The first major meet of the season has come up fast. It was really nice of Coach Steve to let everyone on the team get to travel on this big trip. I think that was important to help everyone get motivated at the beginning of the year. We had a choice to pick between 4-6 events since it was a 3-day meet that was prelims and finals. I wanted to pick 6 events and treat the meet like a test to see how well I could hold up.

On our way up, the back of the bus had the normal hour to 2 of catch phrase with Chris Cruts taking candid pictures with my new camera. We first went to the pool to swim out the bus ride and then went across the street to eat the UF’s cafeteria. Like I do at every place that gives out free fruit, I took some apples and oranges for the rest of the meet.

We were told that for finals that top 3 of each team made it and there were 3 leftovers that could make it. The teams that were at the meet were Miami, FGCU, UF, FSU, Florida Southern, and Nova.

Today I swam the 500 Free and 200 IM. I made it back to finals and swim much better than the morning. That night Adam Epstine brought a tradition from his high school which was the “Hammer” award. This award represents someone who has put in a great effort and cheers on their teammates. I was the first to receive this award and was very excited to get it. I anchored the 400 medley to finish off the night. This award gets past to a new swimmer each day of a major meet. Tonight I ate at Chipotle with Eric Willams and Steven Carroll.


Today I swim the 400 IM and 100 Breast. I really wanted to swim the 100 Breast instead of the usual 200 free because I really wanted to break 1:00. The morning was a little rough in the 400 IM but the 100 Breast rocked with breaking a min for my first time (58.9). I made it back to finals in both events. In the afternoon the 400 IM was much better by dropping 5 seconds from the morning. I was so excited for the 100 breast since I dont swim it often. It ended up very good by dropping another 0.4 from the morning and having the fastest time on the team! I lead off the 800 free relay to get a 200 time since I didn’t swim it individually. I passed the hammer to Tyler Griffith. I went to Olive Garden with Chris Cruts and had the endless pasta bowl with a nice big salad.

Today I swim the 200 Back and 100 Free. Since these events were back to back, I knew that if I made it back to finals it was going to be a tough one. In the 200 back I went out with one of the UF swimmers and died hardcore in the last 50 but I still made it back to finals. In the morning, I had a good 30 min in between the 200 back and 100 free but I still felt a little fatigued in the 100 Free. I snuck in there for top 3 on our team for the 100 free so I get to swim it again for finals. At finals in the 200 back, it was an amazing race between Csaba and me in the 200 back with him beating me by 0.3. I had to run to the warm-down pool to get as much cool down as I could. I kept peeking over the bulkheads to see where they were at since I only had 2 womens heats of the 100 free and then I was up. I got about 200 warm down but my heat-rate was still pretty high from the 200 back. The 100 Free turned out to be almost the same time as the morning so I couldn’t complain. I finished off going 3rd in the 400 free relay and with some rest, I swam pretty well.

Overall the meet was a blast with some great swimming from the whole team.


500 free
Prelims: 4:42.72
Finals: 4:38.50
200 IM
Prelims: 1:58.50
Finals : 1:57.40
400 Medley relay doing free: 47.47
400 IM
Finals: 4:07.96
100 breast
Prelims: 58.97
Finals: 58.53
Lead off 800 free relay: 1:42.91
200 back
Prelims: 1:55.98
Finals : 1:53.23
100 free
Prelims: 47.94
Finals: 47.90
400 free relay going 3rd : 46.76

FSU and FIU Visit

FSU and FIU came down to swim us on October 8th for our first dual meet of the year. FSU is a solid swim team in the ACC’s so we expected them to swim their off events. With this in mind, Coach Steve wanted to swim a somewhat strong lineup. He put me in the 200 free, 200 back and 400 im. Before the meet, I got to speak to Jordan Horsley and Mateo De’Angelo, friends from IRSC.

Coach Steve put me in the B relay doing breast and I beat Alan Forbes by 0.1 who was on the A relay doing breast. For my first individual event, Mateo and I swam the 200 free. Knowing that he was in it got me a little excited because I knew he was going to race well like always. We were a few lanes apart but I could still see him. On the last wall, I could see we were pretty even so I kicked as hard as I could and out-touched him by 0.03. In the 200 back Csaba, David and I had a rematch from the UF invite. I had a great race and was about 0.4 behind Csaba and about 1 sec ahead of David. Now to finish off the end of the meet with the 400 IM. From I swam at UF and the previous events, I was hoping to go around 4:10. I felt pretty strong through the race and after breaststroke being ahead of Csaba, I knew it was going to be a good time. I ended up going 4:02 which was 5 seconds faster than my Finals time at UF.

Coach Steve was pretty happy with the Mens side but not so thrilled with the Womens side. Fsu beat us 160 to 130 so it was a pretty close meet. Eszter Bucz got the “Hammer” award.

50 breast on relay: 26.45
200 free: 1:41.89 Place: 1st
200 back: 1:54.53 Place: 2nd
400 IM : 4:02:74 Place: 1st

Florida Senior Champs

I have been meaning to add a new post on my taper meet this summer but I got bogged down in classes and wanted to enjoy the rest of my summer. I ended up having almost a two-week summer but it was long enough. I am glad to take classes in the summer so I can graduate on time.

The main taper meet for me this summer was Senior Champs in Sarasota Florida. I have always enjoyed swimming at the pool starting when they build it about 10 years ago. From Boca to Sarasota was about 4 hour drive but went relatively fast since Nicola was going to meet me there. I was also excited to see Trevor and Eric since they were swimming the meet as well. I almost forgot that I got to see my parents and my old CAT friends.

I got to meet the new head coach, Ryan, of IRSC during my last meet but at the time he was still only the assistant. So I ended up staying with the IRSC team during the meet since I know quite a few people already. Coach Ryan helped me with my strokes throughout the meet which was very nice and I believe he impacted me performance with just a few tips.

Friday Prelims
200 Free:
5 Corbin, Adam 21 1:56.43 SZ
55.47 1:00.96
400 IM:
4 Corbin, Adam 21 4:39.41

1:04.49 1:10.89 1:20.99 1:03.04

Friday Finals
200 Free:
3 Corbin, Adam 21 1:55.78 JR

26.77 29.34 29.95 29.72
400 IM:
3 Corbin, Adam 21 4:40.32

29.55 34.93 35.80 34.92

40.15 40.64 31.96 32.37

Friday cap- James Taddeo and I tied in the 200 free which is pretty funny since we swam together since we were about 7 on CAT back in the day. Overall not a bad day to start the meet, 1 sec off my best time in the 200 free and on my best time in the 400 IM in the morning.

Saturday Prelims

200 IM:

3 Corbin, Adam 21 2:13.05 SZ

1:01.47 1:11.58

100 Back:

4 Corbin, Adam 21 1:01.21 SZ

Saturday Finals

200 IM:

2 Corbin, Adam 21 2:08.78 JR

28.40 1:01.09 1:38.58 2:08.78

100 Back:

6 Corbin, Adam 21 1:00.98 SZ

29.63 1:00.98

Saturday Recap- I have become to like the 200 IM more every meet so I knew it was going to be a great race. Today this was a double back to back so for Finals I had 3 100 back heats right after my 200 IM. Even though I had about 400 cool down before racing again, I somehow pulled off a best time in both events. After my 100 back I was so out of it I said to Coach Ryan that I “started to smell colors”.

Sunday Prelims

100 Free:

4 Corbin, Adam 21 53.44 SZ
200 Back:

2 Corbin, Adam 21 2:10.43 SZ

1:03.60 2:10.43

Sunday Finals

100 Free:
4 Corbin, Adam 21 52.74 JR

25.22 27.52

200 Back:

2 Corbin, Adam 21 2:07.84 JR

30.40 32.37 32.88 32.19

Sunday Recap- It was a great way to end the meet with 100 free right-on my best and dropping 2 seconds in the 200 back. In the 200 back I got out touched by the crazy Nicholas Caldwell which I was surprised that I was even close to him.

Meet Recap- I had an amazing time seeing my parents, Nicola, Eric, Trevor, old Cat Friends, IRSC friends, and more. It feel like a reunion/vacation because I had so much fun racing and spending time with the friends. It’s sometimes hard to imagine that in less than a year my college swimming career will be over. I can just remember when I was about 7 going to my first away meet at Sarasota. I am looking forward to the upcoming college season and updating you shortly.

International Age Group Invitational

It has been about 4 months since conference that I haven’t swum in a meet which is very long for me. It was nice to get back to racing it’s the whole reason why I swim.  The only thing that I wasn’t looking forward to was driving to and from Boca and Ft. Lauderdale and paying for parking.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I was supposed to swim the 400 IM but the coach didn’t have a heat sheet and by the time he got one it was too late. I thought that the younger kids were first but they had Open first and I entered in the first heat. I was pretty upset watching them swim since I haven’t missed a race in who knows how long. So I got ready to go home and I went to talk to the coach. He said they I might be put in a relay and to stick around a few minutes while he finds out. During warm up he asked me my 200 free time so I figured that they were trying to make a fast relay and maybe put me on the A or B. He came back to say I was on a relay and if I would like to swim it. I decided that it would be nice to swim something since came all the way over there. Waiting for this took forever since there was 400 IM’s and million 800 Free relays. When they were handing out the cards they gave me one where I looked at it with surprise. Glancing over the card I see that I am leading off which I was very happy about but when I looked at it again I saw that I was on the E relay. Looking for the kids on my relay was a disaster because the coaches didn’t even know who they were. That’s when I thought to myself WOW this team is way too big. I finally round up the rascals to find two people a little younger than me and a 13 year old on the relay. We finally get to swim and I “took it out like a bat out of hell” as Coach Yearwood would say. I kind of died but still ended up with a good time. It was a very pleasing night even though I missed the 400 IM.

200 free ( 56.47) 1:58.86

Friday, June 25, 2010

Today I am signed up to swim 200 Free and 100 Back. Since the meet was so big they made top 10 to make it back for finals.  This morning, in the 200 free, I wanted to make sure I was in control going out since I died hardcore the night before.  It was a very nice morning swim being controlled going out and the main thing was I didn’t die. Went a 1:58 going into finals seated first.  The 100 back was just for fun and games to see what I do. I remember the last summer I went 1:07 so I wasn’t expecting up out of my sprinting backstroke.  I ended up going 1:04 tied for first alternate, kind of glad I didn’t make it back.
I was so pumped going into finals seated first. I forgot to mention I have been sitting with my old friends from IRSC. I was glad they were there so I could sit with people I knew at the meet.  Back to swimming, I have started to talk to the new Head Coach at IRSC, Ryan, and he was helping me out with my stroke during warm-ups. I miss getting feedback about my strokes like that. I also met this guy name Adam Ritter who was a NCAA champ in the 200 IM when he swam at Arizona awhile back. Right now he is swimming with the Indian River Club team with Ryan. I ended up getting out-touched by him by .09 but it was a great race. So I am thinking that I am done but just when I am all ready to leave I get put on the 200 Free relay leading off the A. As much as I wanted to leave I wanted to get a 50 free time since I don’t swim it often.  I could have been home around 7:30 since the 200 free was the last event but I waited to swim the relay which didn’t start until 9:30. But it was worth it since I put down a pretty good time and beat everyone on the relay with a flat start with 24.64.

200 free (57.36)   1:58.47 -1st
100 back 1:04.61 -10th

50 free: 24.64
200 free (27.57) (57.35) (1:27.27) 1:56.77 -2nd

Saturday, June 26, 2010


This morning I found an “all day parking” for $7 which was nice since I was paying $5 per session at the meter parking lot next to it. All I had only today the 200 IM, which I think is my best IM event in long course. My plan this morning was to win my heat but then I saw that Ritter was in it so I was going to try to stay with him if I could. I ended up getting 2nd in my heat to Ritter which a good morning time with 2:15. It was a short morning and I got back early enough to work on some homework


Before warm-ups, I told Adam Epistine that I didn’t want to swim in a relay tonight because I had homework to finish that night. He said that I needed to speak with the head coach. I said that I would tell Allan since he is my coach for FLA. I finished up warm-ups and went to go ask Allan if he would time me for pace. Right as I was talking to Allan the Head Coach of FLA comes to me to say he has heard that I didn’t want swim in the relay. He really didn’t let me speak and said that “on FLA relays are the most important thing to us.”  Most people know me as a person who would never skip a relay or an event for a silly reason but I did have a lot of homework. I really didn’t want to swim it but couldn’t say no to his face. I tried not to let it bother me since I still had the 200 IM before that.  The pace was much better this afternoon than this morning so I knew that was a good thing. I was a very good race where I ended up going 2:11 and got 3rd. I had a nice long warm down trying to think of where the coaches would put me in the relay. From the night before with my 50 time I was expecting to anchor the A doing free in the 200 Medley. After waiting for it seemed to be an eternity I get my relay card and I see I was put the B relay doing Breaststroke?!?! I was very surprised to see they put me in the breaststroke.  I didn’t feel like warming up for this relay so I didn’t. That’s not a very good idea for breaststroke because during the race I felt my groin to be a little tight. We were next to the A relay which I was glad because I wanted to beat the kid doing Breast on the A. The Backstrokers were pretty close so it was going to be a Showdown. I dove in feeling amazing bringing back memories when I was in JO’s doing Breast on relays.  About half way down the pool I started to pull away and ended up beating him by .6 of a sec.  I was so fired up I had to swim down about 800 meters to bring my heart rate down.



200 IM    (1:03.53) 2:15.19 – 3rd

200 IM (28.62) (1:02.75) (1:41.09) 2:11.69 – 3rd

50 Breast(relay) 30.55

Sunday, June 27, 2010


This meat really was wearing on me being so long in the hot sun.  Today I had the 200 Backstroke and 100 Free.  I had to say the whole morning session since 100 Free was last event of the morning. Same thing as yesterday morning the idea was to win my heat to make it to finals in the 200 back. I did win my heat with a good morning swim with 2:14 coming back to finals seated 1st. For the 100 free that was a different story since there were a lot of faster people swimming it.  I ended went 55.3 and didn’t think I made it back but at finals, I found out that I did.  This would be the last session IRSC would be at the meet so I didn’t have my crew to talk to at finals.


The first thing I check to see if there was a relay tonight but there wasn’t so that was a good thing. I also told Allan that I didn’t want to swim the 100 free and he said that was ok. So all my focus was on the 200 Back tonight. My body was getting a little tired as I felt it during the morning swim in the 100 free and a little during warm up. Surprisingly pace was very smooth with decent times.  My strategy for this race was to take it out and see what I had coming home. I stuck to the plan and lead the first 150 but struggled during the last 50 ending up 4th going 2:12.  My 100 split was a second faster than my individual time in the 100 back on Friday, HAHA.



200 back (1:06.57) 2:14.94 1st

100 Free       55.30- 9th


200 back (30.46) (1:03.41) (1:37.40) 2:12.62


Overall this was a great in-season meet where I had swims that were very close to my best times and can’t wait for Senior Champs in a few weeks at Sarasota.