Rivalry Vs. IRSC

Another wonderful day in beautiful Boca Raton Florida. The temperature of the water and the air was perfect with a little wind to make it complete.  Today was the senior day where the announcer read off the bio’s of the 5 swimmers +1 diver graduating this year.  I know I haven’t been on the team long but these guys and gals will be truly missed. Moving on to the meet, Indian River, University of Miami, and FAMU came to have a quad meet with us. I am not positive on the score but it was a close finish in the were FAU Men’s swimming came up on top of Indian River.

Relay: The B beat the A, anchored 20.96(first time under 21)
200 Free: 1:43.8
200 Back: 1:56.2
200 Im   : 1:57.3

24 Days till Nashville!

Dual At UF

It was pretty nice swimming indoors again after swimming in the cold for a week. Water temp. on Friday was a little warm but on Saturday it was perfect.


Anchored the B-Relay in the 200 medley and went 21.12. Up next was the 200 free and got 3rd with 1:41.93 followed by 100 free at 47.9. Finishing off with the 200 IM at 1:56.5. Over all a great meet and also nice visiting with my friends at UF.

Mini-Meet Vs. Western Kentucky

It was a little FREEZING in the pool today but overall it went pretty well, 54.4 from the blocks in back and 48.77 in 100 free lead off out touching someone from another team. Lets hope it gets a little warmer in South Florida